It Will Take More Than Passion For Dallas To Host Future Super Bowls

By Marcus Vanderberg 

DALLAS – Anyone who has spent two seconds in North Texas this week will tell you the weather has been downright miserable.

But according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the cold weather won’t have any impact on a future Super Bowl bid.

“This is football country. It runs deep. It runs through men and women,” Jones said. “It’s a big deal. That’s the way it is here — period. All that should help us if we have ambitions of hosting future Super Bowls.”


You know what also runs deep, Jerry?

Ice. A half-inch at that.

When I’ve complained about the weather this week to folks that aren’t here, nobody has felt sorry for me because I’m at the Super Bowl and/or they are buried under snow themselves. But when a city is as unprepared for winter weather as Dallas is, it turns a sleet storm into a traffic and logistics nightmare for the media and fans traveling to Dallas.

While that football passion will go a long way in hosting future Super Bowls, so will a plow and some salt.