Is The Media ODing On Entertainment News?

By Brian 

CNN’s Reliable Sources analyzed media coverage of entertainment “news” on Sunday morning:

 KURTZ: Let me just turn to Sharon Waxman now. We have all of these award shows these days — the Golden Globes, the Grammys, MTVs and many others, and as Jake alluded to, we have all of these program — “Entertainment Tonight,” “Access Hollywood,” “Extra,” now HEADLINE NEWS has “SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.” Could we all be OD-ing on this stuff and that kind of dilutes the value of it, because it’s just everywhere?

WAXMAN: I mean, I think that that’s exactly what we’re starting to see. So you’re talking about the hype of the media, which is going to be lagging behind a little bit. If there is a point that we’re reaching now that is what is maybe awards overload or awards fatigue. And I think that the Academy is feeling it. The Golden Globe are feeling it. Even the Grammys this year, their ratings really dropped — dropped by big numbers. The Golden Globes dropped by nearly 40 percent this year. And we’re talking about the same movies.

So I wanted to make the distinction between what you’re talking about between celebrity versus the movies. What Jake is talking about is this obsession and this constant public hunger for celebrity, for news about celebrities, and this year the Academy Awards don’t have as many celebrities at them as they’ve had in years past. You’ve got stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, you got stars like Annette Bening, but there aren’t any really great big movies that have really captured the mainstream, blockbuster audience, and this is a concern.”

God forbid we have a lack of celebrities to cover. Here’s the transcript…