Is Snow Still Permanent Guest Host?

By SteveK 

Bill O’Reilly was absent again today from The Radio Factor (he missed Wednesday’s show as well to conduct the Sen. Hillary Clinton interview). And today, like Wednesday, Michael Smerconish filled in for O’Reilly.

Nothing necessarily out of the ordinary, except that Tony Snow was named permanent guest host less than two months ago. A lot has changed however for Snow in those two months — most notably, he became a commentator for CNN (and O’Reilly, seemingly joking, did not approve of that possibility back in October).

Snow last filled in on The Radio Factor last Friday.

> Update: Westwood One VP of Marketing & Communications Pete Sessa tells TVNewser, “Tony Snow is still permanent guest host of the Radio Factor. He experienced a few scheduling conflicts but should return soon. Additionally, Westwood One works with many partners, including CNN, as a platform agnostic content company. We represent CNN Radio, so there’s no issue with Tony working for CNN.”