Is Roger Ailes Penning an Autobiography? Fox News Responds

By Alex Weprin Comment

New York‘s Gabriel Sherman writes today that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is working on an autobiography.

When contacted for comment, a Fox News spokesperson told TVNewser, “There is one source with direct knowledge of Roger’s plans — and that’s Roger himself. Since Roger has never spoken to Gabe in his life, we continue to be fascinated with Gabe’s uncanny ability to read his mind.”

As Sherman notes in his item, he is working on a book about Ailes, and has spoken to a number of people that have worked with the Fox News CEO over the years.

Ailes’s agent, D.C. super-lawyer Bob Barnett, is working out the deal with Murdoch-owned HarperCollins to publish the book. Several publishing sources told me that Ailes would get a $3–4 million advance for the book, which is being co-authored by Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton. Ailes and Pinkerton go way back. The two worked together on George H.W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign.

Sherman speculates that the book could be a sign that Ailes is planning to retire after his contract ends in 2013, as doing so would allow him to be more candid about colleagues in any such book.

In addition to Ailes, Barnett represents a slew of powerful media and political figures, including Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton and Bob Woodward.