Is Lauer “Intent On Tripping Vieira Up?”

By Brian 

In the latest TV Week, Tom Shales uses TVNewser’s post about Today’s Meredith Vieira era ratings to opine:

“If viewers haven’t hugely warmed up to Vieira, then part of the reason may be misbehavior by her hammy co-host. Repeatedly and perhaps vindictively, Matt [Lauer] has seemed intent on tripping Vieira up on the air-interrupting, hogging the spotlight, cold-shouldering her, subtly putting her down. Matt perhaps doesn’t want to be outshone by a woman once again.”

Shales also says Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts are an “incompatible duo;” suggests that Sawyer needs “a male partner to give the show variety and sexual tension” (and suggests Anderson Cooper); and thinks Larry King is “starting to make Andy Rooney look like Errol Flynn…”