Is Jon Stewart Changing His Tune on CNN?

By Chris Ariens 

You know the story by now. It’s October, 2004 and Jon Stewart appearing on CNN’s “Crossfire,” delivers his “stop hurting America” speech. He trashes the show and others like. “Crossfire” would be canceled three months later.

Stewart has continued his criticism of 24-hour news channels: every night on “The Daily Show,” during his Washington, DC rally last month and again last night on MSNBC. But during that interview with Rachel Maddow he did have some praise for CNN.


Here’s part of what Stewar told Maddow:

It’s sort of like the…you know one of my favorite things… Anderson Cooper, I think he does a really nice job. He’s fun to watch. And you as well. And I like on a usual basis a lot of this stuff. Again, I watch way too much of it. I really do. And that is in itself is corruption. But he’s got a bit on his show that I love called “Keeping them Honest” which is so funny to me because isn’t that the subtext of – it would be like me introducing – I’ve got a new segment called telling jokes to an audience, it’s just whenever you hear that, you’re like, isn’t that what this whole thing is?