Iraqi Elections: Morning Notes

By Brian 

> Light Seeking Light at 3am: “The lineup is very clear. CNN refuses to admit anything but problems; FOX refuses to see any problems; MSNBC is trying to discuss both.”

> “It really is okay for journalists to be happy about seeing people vote for the first times in their lives,” PoliPundit reassures.

> “It will be interesting to see if there’s a clear shift in tone when CNNi hands the baton to CNN-US,” an e-mailer said at 5:49am. Then at 7:05: “The mood on CNN instantly perked up once domestic CNN coverage replaced CNNi’s.”

> Johnny Dollar likes Geraldo’s coverage: “It’s times like this when you begin to think Ailes knew what he was doing when he hired him.” He also says Shep’s repoort on Sadr City and the tour of Saddam’s bunker were great.

> MSNBC has been airing hourly segments about blogosphere reaction to the elections. “I’m impressed that a media network is giving this much attention to bloggers,” Iraqi Elections Wire says.