Iraq Journo Families “Fear For Loved Ones”

By Brian 

The dangers faced by journalists in Iraq weighs heavily on friends and families, Peter Johnson says in Monday’s USA Today. CNN Baghdad correspondent Jane Arraf says: “A lot of our own people who would normally be in Iraq are staying home because their families would just go nuts. My mother keeps asking me to come back and work for the Saskatoon Star Phoenix” in Saskatchewan, Canada.

More: “Barbara Hymans of Upper Saddle River, N.J., e-mailed her brother, Fox News’ Greg Palkot, after she heard about the attack on Woodruff and Vogt to express her concern about him returning to Iraq.

‘I would rather he be doing something a little bit different, but I know how much he loves his work and how much he loves to be where the story is,’ Hymans says. ‘So I’ve learned to build a little bit of a wall. I have to sit back and pray a lot.'”