Iraq Doesn’t Get Covered “In Certain Media Quarters Commensurate With Its Importance,” ABC’s Note Clarifies

By Brian 

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Today’s Note clarifies yesterday’s comments about war coverage: “Yesterday, we wrote about how the war in Iraq does not dominate America’s media the way it might. As can happen with The Note, we didn’t explain ourselves well enough. What we meant simply was that the story does not get covered in certain media quarters commensurate with its importance.”

“But we should have made two other points clear. First, there ARE news organizations in America (such as, we say proudly, our own ABC News) that do cover Iraq day in and day out. Second, in addition to our ongoing gratitude to the troops, everyone in this country owes a huge personal and professional debt of thanks to those journalists from all news organizations who are willing to risk their lives every day to cover this important story.”