iPad, uPad. Did you Scream for iPad?

By Chris Ariens 

It was pretty much unavoidable. A bike ride around New York City on a day like today meant a stop at one of the Apple stores in Manhattan. Since the last leg took me through Central Park, the 59th & Fifth store was the best option to see what the iPad craze was all about — at least from the outside. When we got there around 2pmET, the line was about 40 people deep in front of the subterranean store — which happens to be in the same plaza that is home to CBS’ “The Early Show.” We only spotted one Satellite truck out front, — from Fox News — and snapped this picture of correspondent Laura Ingle taping a piece for later. We left empty handed. Maybe later. A couple of our other bloggers already have their hands on them.

• GalleyCat’s Jason Boog was at this store around 8am this morning. He talked with several people reading books — real books — as they waited in line for their iPad.


• eBookNewser’s Craig Morgan Teicher waited for the UPS guys for his.

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