Investigative Producer Jumps from ABC to CBS

By Chris Ariens 

12-year ABC News veteran Len Tepper is switching networks, heading to CBS News. For the last three years, Tepper has been a producer with Brian Ross’ investigative team. In a farewell email, obtained by TVNewser, Tepper calls Ross, “the hardest working correspondent in the business. His drive and energy motivates people to do the best work they can.”

An ABC News insider tells TVNewser, “He’s a great guy and talented reporter. Not surprising to see others poaching from our talented I-Team to try and compete.”

In his email to colleagues, Tepper also had some thoughts about two ABC Newsers no longer with us…

After twelve great years, it is time to move on to new challenges and opportunities. What I will miss the most are the people and the friendships I’ve made.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the support of Charlie Gibson, John Banner, Tom, Kate, and Stu, especially when pitching stories. To the Washington Bureau: thank you for all your help, especially Robin and Dennis. To Martha, Pierre, and Jonathan, who unselfishly contributed to my reporting, it was a pleasure working with you. To Jason, Kirit and Luis – thank you guys. Chuck Lustig and the London Bureau: your help was always appreciated.

For the last three years I have worked with Brian Ross, the hardest working correspondent in the business. His drive and energy motivates people to do the best work they can. I will never forget our adventure in Nigeria with Joe Rhee, one of the best producers I have worked with and a great friend. To Maddy and everyone else in the Brian Ross unit I will miss you and wish you the very best.

I also need to thank David Westin, Kerry Smith, John Zucker, and Betsy Shorr for supporting all the stories that inevitably would cause headaches. To Jeffrey Schneider, thank you for always getting us the most coverage and credit. I cannot tell you how much pleasure I felt whenever the NY Times was forced to attribute our reporting in their stories.

In closing, I need to say how much I miss Peter Jennings and Jack McWethy. You never had to worry about the lawyers. They were easy compared to the grilling you got in Peter’s office or in front of everybody at the rim. Last, but not least, I would like to acknowledge Jack McWethy whose retirement and death will always leave a hole in my heart. He was simply the best journalist I have ever worked with. It was a privilege to produce stories for him and an honor to be his friend.

To everyone at ABC News, I wish you all the best and thank you again.