Interrogator on Use of Waterboarding: ‘We Would Just Have to Man Up’

By Chris Ariens 

Megyn Kelly is on the move. She’s headed to the White House Christmas party tonight, and will anchor “Kelly File” from DC. Tomorrow she’ll head to Hollywood for first appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

On her show tonight, Kelly airs the final portions of a 4-part interview with Dr. James Mitchell, among those who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The interview, Mitchell’s first since the release of the Senate report on post-9/11 CIA tactics, was confirmed just before last night’s show. Kelly continued the interview after her show ended and it’s those sections that will air tonight.

Dr. Mitchell talked about the use of waterboarding during interrogations: “Those techniques are so harsh that it’s emotionally distressing to the people who are administering them. Even though you don’t want to do it, you’re doing it in order to save lives in the country, and we would just have to man up for lack of a better term.”