Inside The Heads Of NBC’s Iraqi Journos

By Brian’s Baghdad Blog continues to be a must-read. Recently, the site started including blog entries by the Iraqi journalists employed by NBC in Baghdad. Here are a few of the entries:

> Feb. 28: NBC’s Iraqi engineer fields phone calls from worried relatives. “‘When they hear about an explosion, they [usually] send me a text message to see if I’m all right,’ he said. Today, after four big explosions in Baghdad and a climbing death toll, they just rang.”

> Feb. 24: An Iraqi camerman writes: “On the one hand, I feel good about being able to let the world know what is going on here. Being an Iraqi, I can go to places western cameramen can not go to. On the other hand, I am angry over what is happening to the people of Iraq.”

> Feb. 23: An “NBC local journalist in Baghdad” reflects on the death of an Iraqi journalist: “We hear so much bad news now, it’s strange to sit with someone for several hours, laughing, talking together, and then they are dead. Iraqis now expect to be killed at any moment.”