Ingraham Begins Just In

By SteveK 

Just In w/ Laura Ingraham (or is it ‘JUST in’ as it looks in the logo?) premiered today, as the replacement, at least temporarily, at 5pmET for FNC.

“For those of you who haven’t heard me on the radio or seen me on Fox before, nice to meet you,” she said at the top of the show. “Every day here on this show, my goal is going to be simple — to bring you news and analysis you haven’t heard before on the critical issues facing our country.”

After an opening segment of opinion, dubbed, “Ingraham’s Angle,” the first guest on the program was Mitt Romney. “Thanks Laura, great to see you. I’ll tell you watching you on TV is going to bring even bigger audiences,” he said.

FNC’s top-rated anchor Bill O’Reilly stopped by midway through the show to contribute as a guest. “Good luck with Just in, Laura,” he said at the end of the segment.

From Big Story to America’s Election HQ to Just In…what do you think?