Influential Newsers: Russert and “Magic Wall” Creator

By SteveK 

Time Magazine has compiled their list of the 100 Most Influential People, appearing in this week’s issue. NBC’s Washington bureau chief Tim Russert made the list, as did “Magic Wall” creator, Jeff Han (who TVNewser has met on several occasions).

The article accompanying Russert’s selection was written by former New York governor Mario Cuomo. “Tim’s influence can be measured by the size of his audience; the fact that his employer, NBC, reaps enormous monetary rewards from his popularity; and the long list of honors he has received,” writes Cuomo.

He also mentions Russert’s book, “Big Russ and Me,” and his background: “Tim never forgets where he comes from. He never lets us forget either, and we love it!”

Han’s write-up is authored by the Elton John to Han’s Bernie Taupin, CNN correspondent John King: “Count me too as someone who believes Han has done more than start a great business; he has also dramatically changed the way we interact with our computers,” writes King. Also revealed in the article — CNN has a second Magic Wall “on the way.”

Magic Wall creator Jeff Han demoing his product (featuring one of his pupils) at the NAB convention in Las Vegas last month.

• Sidenote — Miley Cyrus also made the list, and her blurb, written by Donny Osmond, clearly went to publication before Leibovitz-Gate: “But Miley has an amazing support team. She seems to have good Christian values, with parents (including dad Billy Ray) teaching her important life lessons.”