In Profile: Welker, Blitzer, Reid…

By Chris Ariens 

NBC’s Kristin Welker is profiled in Philadelphia Weekly: “I do think under this Administration there have been a wider group of journalists that have been, umm, let in that you wouldn’t think would have access and that come with a particular viewpoint, but again I think it’s a reminder and a reflection as to why we got into this job. There’s just no room for agenda.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sits down with Success: “I have a pretty good sense of humor,” he says. “I’m a funny guy, but that doesn’t come across on television.” He says he’s been trying it a little more on the air recently. After political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson made a Wonder Woman reference during a segment not long ago, Blitzer went to the commercial break with the straight-faced-sign off: “Nia-Malika Henderson, expert on Wonder Woman.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Q&A with Vulture: “I was a dayside anchor, where you’re required to have a little bit more distance from the story you’re telling. And [before that], when I was doing in-the-field journalism, there was even a greater requirement to try and compartmentalize my own feelings from when I was reporting. As a psychological exercise, it was a real struggle, but it was something I had to do because what we were reporting on required a precise level of fairness that you have to have, and distance.”