In Profile: Todd, Tyrus, Pergram

By A.J. Katz 

NBC Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd is on the cover of the November issue of Capitol File magazine. In the interview, Todd asks, rhetorically: “The president of the United States will say things that are unchecked and unverified—this is how he has changed the calculus [of media], and we are all coming to grips on how to cover this guy and this era. Do you just dismiss it when he tweets unverified information?”

Fox News’ Tyrus, a panelist on Greg Gutfeld‘s Fox News program, is co-hosting a show on Fox News’ streaming OTT platform Fox Nation, which comes out later this month. The Mandeville native spoke with  New Orleans Living magazine: “I don’t pretend I have all the answers. I genuinely look at issues individually and work hard at researching. It’s common sense. I refuse to say I know it all because I’d miss out on so many learning experiences. I can be fine with President Trump’s tax cut but I can have issues with the wall. Your political party should not be your favorite football team. There’s always going to be issues and we have to work on things together.”

Fox News senior Capitol Hill producer Chad Pergram talks to The Washington Post about being part of the Washington Capitals’ radio broadcast team for their Saturday night game against the Dallas Stars. He was responsible for the intermission reports, game resets toward the end of each period and spots on the pregame and postgame shows. Pergram on if he sees similarities between covering politics and hockey: “I’m told that there’s some postgame scrums in the locker room, where reporters all gather around someone and ask them questions, and those types of things happen in politics, too. There’s a hearing, or you get somebody off the floor. Everybody knows who they need to talk to. It’s the same principle in that regard.”