In Profile: Suozzo, Varney, Hornacek, Lahren

By A.J. Katz Comment

NBC Nightly News executive producer Jenn Suozzo is profiled by UConn’s alumni magazine. It’s the first significant feature on Suozzo since getting the ep gig earlier last October. Regarding the newscast, Suozzo says: ‘I have no concerns about the durability of the [NBC Nightly News] format. People said years ago that the evening broadcasts would be obsolete.’In fact, we get 9 million viewers, on average, every night.”

Fox Business host Stuart Varney is profiled by New York Upstate ( He talks about owning a 1,100-acre tree farm in upstate NY: “I absolutely love it. This is my American dream. I got a piece of America. I own it. That’s a big deal.”

Fox Nation travel and leisure host Abby Hornacek is profiled by the San Diego Union Tribune: “In addition to the national parks series, PARK’D with Abby Hornacek, she hosts Ride to Work, in which she picks up some of Fox’s prominent personalities and gets to know them in videoed chats as they drive to or from work. A third series is in development in which she’ll visit prime sports venues, such as California’s Pebble Beach Golf Course and Dubuque County, Iowa’s Field of Dreams. She has ideas for many more.”

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren gets a Salon profile: “We’re in this time right now where you have to be left or right, and it’s getting worse. I fear that going into 2020 it’s going to get even worse yet, and that’s why I’ll just never do it. I’ll never play to the hit. I’ll never follow a list of talking points or a checklist of things I need to say in order to be the golden child of the conservative movement because that’s just not what I seek to be. I just want to be an honest, genuine, authentic person.”