In Profile: Steve & Peter Doocy, Blake Burman

By A.J. Katz 

This week’s In-Profile features exclusively Fox Newsers. Each spoke about fatherhood and what Father’s Day means to them (don’t forget Sunday!)

Steve and Peter Doocy spoke to People magazine about their relationship. The duo have worked together at FNC for nearly a decade. The younger Doocy, 31, started at the network as a after college correspondent. He says of his dad: “My first couple months, trying to learn how to write, he really emphasized that the important thing in a script is not what I think. The most important thing is just the sound bites.”

Despite their busy schedules, the elder Doocy says they stay in touch — along with the rest of their family, which includes wife Kathy and their two daughters — through a group chat where they constantly share the day’s news via text: ““You could almost run it at the bottom of the Fox News channel, the ticker at the bottom. It’s a point of pride that Kathy and I have have raised three kids who are not only interested in the news, but talk about the news. The news actually has brought us closer together.”


FBN Washington correspondent Blake Burman is featured in Washington Life magazine:

During the day, Burman might be talking about tax cuts, tech stocks, job reports or trade tensions. But look closely when he’s on camera and you might see a little bit of baby goo. When his children, now ages 2 and 1, were newborns, Burman would “always have some drop of milk or spit or whatever” that he would randomly find on himself. He expands saying, “there are always little reminders of having young kids. Just the other day I realized, about seven hours in to the day, that one of my dress socks was inside out.

He fancies that for Father’s Day, “hopefully the boys get daddy a decent night of sleep. If not, that’s what coffee is for.”