In Profile: Regan, Asman, Faulkner

By Brian Flood 

Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan spoke with Golden Girl Finance about the “big fat Greek” crisis, among other things.

The key issue is: Will Greece stay in the Eurozone – and, if so, what kind of deal can it broker with the Europeans? The danger here is the moral hazard argument. If Greece gets a sweetheart deal, then what is to stop Spain, Italy and Portugal from wanting the same?  There are also serious worries about contagion. In other words, if Greece leaves the Eurozone, then there could be others that follow.

FBN’s David Asman also spoke about the Greek debt crisis, this time to Wall Street Survivor.


Europe got here by letting Greece and other countries lie about their government debt/GDP ratio. This was supposed to be part of the deal for Euro membership – that you’d stick to the agreements about not building up too much debt – which would threaten the value of the euro. Greece isn’t the only one. Spain and Portugal and Italy constantly lie about growth and tax revenue and debt.

FNC’s Harris Faulkner is profiled in Mogul, discussing how she shaped her career and going from a local anchor to a national one.

Probably the greatest challenge is getting that first job in TV news. Most of us start out with a thin resume. Mine included internships in Los Angeles at a local TV station and at a cable access channel…all while I was working another job to pay the bills. So, I had a strong work ethic and some experience, but for my first job I’d never actually reported on the air.