In Profile: Muir, Franics, Ramos, Benitez

By Brian Flood 

2muirMAG“World News Tonight” Anchor David Muir is featured and photographed in Esquire magazine as part of a profile on the men who’ve had a breakthrough year.

FOX Business Network’s Melissa Francis was on “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” last night to discuss her past as a child actress, including a gift she received from Robin Williams.

Michael Landon was a lot of fun. He had a great sense of humor and he was a very serious businessman, but he also had a big heart. I mean, he was Santa and God rolled into one.


Fusion’s Jorge Ramos is featured in the Dec. 1 issue of Time. Ramos discussed his broadcasting role model, how Fusion is different from other networks and identifying with the Latino market.

 We’ve spent more than 10 minutes on Mexico and immigration, none of the other networks have done anything. It’s like parallel worlds. If you are Latino, who are you going to watch?

ABC News Correspondent Gio Benitez is featured in the December issue of Men’s Fitness to discuss how he uses to technology to stay fit.

The app [Benitez didn’t want to name the specific app] helps me keep track of the fats, proteins and carbs I’m taking in. I tell it what I ate and it calculates all the nutrition numbers from its database.