In Profile: Mitchell & Woodruff, Williams & Neville, Kelly

By Chris Ariens 

PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff and NBC News correspondent and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell grace the cover of Washington Life’s April issue: “I cannot think of any competition between us. And in fact, when I was assigned to the White House to be a correspondent with Judy and our great friend John Palmer, Judy and John would look for any opportunities for me to do a Today show piece. I was the number three and was primarily doing radio.”

Fox News hosts Juan Williams and Arthel Neville sat down with B&C to talk about diversity in the newsroom and on air. Neville: “What we can do as programmers, as journalists and as story tellers is to make sure that we just keep pounding the pavement in presenting the faces, the stories, the emotion behind the people – and we’re going to breakthrough. Just don’t give up on that.”

NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly talks with Variety about her hour of the Today show: “In my experience, it takes a show about a year to find its sea legs. In morning television, it takes a while to change an audience’s viewing habits, and so I have to earn the trust of the audience, and I’m willing to work for it.”