In Profile: Mika Brzezinski, Chuck Todd, Lester Holt

By Chris Ariens Comment

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski talks with Marie Claire about being engaged to her co-worker. “I urge all your readers not to try this at home! Having said that, we really like being together. It is the joy of my life. I feel really lucky to live and work with someone I love so much. And the whole thing has been organic and certainly does not feel difficult in any way.”

NBC’s Chuck Todd is featured in tomorrow’s New York Times Magazine and we get his thoughts on whether it’s a good thing that, one day, robots will interview politicians. “I’ve thought about this. At the end of the day, being an actual human being matters. I use my life experience all the time in formulating questions, in deciding which topics that I think matter to people and which don’t.”

NBC’s Lester Holt, featured in Guitar Aficionado, shares his first significant musical memory. His father, Lester Holt Sr., had a hi-fi system in the house and one of his favorite records was Harry Belafonte At Carnegie Hall. “Day-o!” Holt sings out, his booming voice echoing down the hallway. “Day-ay-ay-o. I remember listening to that and thinking it was great. I didn’t play an instrument yet, but I loved music, especially some of the jazz legends. The music of your youth is so important. It stays with you.”