In Profile: Menendez, Koetter, Perino, Wagner

By Brian Flood 

Elle magazine has named Fusion’s Alicia Menendez “The Mouthpiece for Millennials.” Menendez, who will be a guest on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” tomorrow, is also profiled in the current issue of Elle

“I want to do what has never been done. I want to cultivate an audience that proves the potential and promise of this generation. Oh, and maybe cameo on Scandal.”

Turner Broadcasting’s senior vice president of media technology and development Michael Koetter is featured on Koetter discusses rethinking how news is created, the impact of digital distribution and how CNN is keeping up with the times.


“If you have watched CNN in the past year under our new leadership, we go big on stories. We will pick the most important stories in the news and really go big on them. To do that, you suddenly have a lot of reporters, a lot of photojournalists, a lot of video, a lot of social media and a lot of still images. You’ve got graphical assets. You’ve got editorial guidance and S&P [standards and practices] guidance — a whole universe of context that fits around this story. Usually that has tended to exist in lots and lots of different systems.”

Fox News Channel’s co-host of “The Five” and former press secretary Dana Perino is featured in Glamour this month for her thoughts on the upcoming State of the Union.

“I want to hear the President say ‘I’d like to make the last two years of my presidency the most cooperative. I vow to lower the corporate tax rate… and I will also establish a comprehensive bipartisan energy plan.”

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner sat down with the Chicago Sun Times to discuss being married to Sam Kass, the first-ever White House senior policy advisor on nutrition and personal chef to the First Family.

“I share Sam’s high priority on health.  In high-stress jobs it’s important to eat healthy.”