In Profile: Lee, Snow, Witt, Hill

By A.J. Katz 

Black Enterprise interviewed MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee earlier this month: “Forget about Donald Trump for a moment. Forget about 2020 for a moment. Let’s talk about what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; or Camden, New Jersey. If you do not play some role in choosing your destiny and your future someone else will. And may not be in your best interest.”

NBC Nightly News Sunday anchor Kate Snow and MSNBC weekend morning anchor Alex Witt are featured in Westchester magazine, as is CNN anchor Erica Hill.

Snow tells the magazine that mental illness is a particular interest of her’s, who discussed her father-in-law’s suicide on-air. “I do everything I can to shine light on things that aren’t getting enough attention and to tell stories that I think people should know about.”


A Bronxville resident, Witt says she originally set out to work behind the scenes. ““I don’t concern myself with me; I’m all about the news. I don’t aspire to have the public recognition that comes with being on camera. I might be the weirdest person ever to end up on TV.”

A Lower Westchester resident, Hill takes pride in her work at CNN, a network Trump has labeled “fake news” and “garbage journalism.” Hill’s response: “The hostility inspires me to continue to do my job the way I’ve always done it, focused on fact and accuracy and getting it right.”