In Profile: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Paul Marcum

By Merrill Knox 

Kimberly GuilfoyleKimberly Guilfoyle talks with Cosmopolitan about how she became a Fox News co-host:

Have you faced adversity because of your gender or ethnicity?

So far I think my reputation and my abilities have put to rest any doubts that one might have about me, about my background, about where I come from, or even my gender. I think it’s been more of an issue of being a woman in a hard-charging field, like being a prosecutor, working with victims of violent crimes, working with gang units, working with homicide prosecutors. I have been in a very tough world where a lot of men are involved in these groups and these jobs. You really have to prove yourself and prove your worth. I didn’t come from family that had been here for generations and had all these connections. What I’ve had to do was struggle and put myself through hard work. I still feel like I’ve got to prove myself.


Bloomberg global head of digital video Paul Marcum talks with Adweek about his efforts to make business videos go viral:

Business video isn’t always the most thrilling. Plus, how can you compete against cats?

[Laughs] I think in many ways video can be a slower, more thoughtful way to consume business news. You’re able to convey the personalities behind the news. You’re able to help explain technology and the changes that are impacting business with a more personal experience. What we benefit from is we don’t need to reinvent TV, and we have access to newsmakers. We want to know how can we leverage that in an intimate digital setting.