In Profile (FNC Edition): Kelly, Hannity, Cavuto

By Brian Flood 

Megyn Kelly is in the latest issue of Fortune magazine in a feature titled “Best Advice From CEOs,” in which CEOs, EVPs, company founders, and one cable news anchor, share their secrets to success:

My boss told me, “People will imitate you. They will try to do what you do. Never worry about them, because there’s only one you. So whatever you’re doing that makes you special, they can imitate it. But they can never be the same person, with the same delivery, with the same gifts and so on.”

Sean Hannity talked to Reuters about his new “jiu-jitsu” regimen, his matchmaking skills, and his politics:

I am a conservative. That’s who I am. It’s in my DNA. I believe that if we would govern conservatively, meaning limited government, balanced budgets, greater freedom, that people took greater responsibility for their lives, etc. I think society would be better off if we were energy independent, if we secure our borders, free market capitalism in the healthcare system, not a top-down heavy system.

Neil Cavuto talks about his 30th anniversary in business TV news with Palm Beacher Magazine. Cavuto considers the tragic events of September 11 the most memorable of his career.

Many of those who had died in 9/11 had been guests on my show. Maybe because I knew the area so well, knew so many of the people so well … That ongoing story was the most compelling and the most moving, and being down there covering from there, there was just nothing like it.