In Profile: Harris Faulkner, Shepard Smith, Mika Brzezinski

By Brian Flood 

Fox News Channel’s Harris Faulkner, who recently spoke with TVNewser, is profiled on Poynter. Faulkner discusses working local markets, what sets her apart from the competition and even offers advice to aspiring journalist.

The prominence of the market I guess is important to some people. For me, it was less about the number and more about the opportunities that might open up in that market. One of the questions I wanted to know about that next job was, what’s your weather like? I am into the weather! I learned from that first news director that some things unite all of us. Can you name a state in the United States that doesn’t get some interesting weather every now and then? No! So wherever you go, you’re going to need that experience. And I look at it this way: My life is an ongoing classroom…so I would say, figure out what it is you want to learn in your classroom every day and then pick a market that you think might help you learn.

FNC’s Shepard Smith spoke with the Chicago Sun Times about how technology has changed reporting.


Well, we can now follow the protesters in real time, whether or not we happen to have a live camera at the scene. For instance, in the case of Baltimore, my team followed protest organizers on Twitter, tracked hashtags, and kept up with livestreams. We were able to see the announcements organizers made about their movements, and get a good sense of where they were headed and what they were encountering. Same for demonstrators in New York, Philly and beyond.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski has a new book coming out, co-hosts Morning Joe and is even scheduled to speak with TVNewser later this week. In the meantime, she spoke with the Washington Post Magazine about heated debates, if women are allowed to be as angry as men and even if Robin Wright stole her look for the Netflix hit House of Cards.

No. I hope one day to look like her [Wright]. There are worse things to be parallel to. She’s a very beautiful woman, so, wow.