In Profile: Fox News Edition

By A.J. Katz 

Jesse Watters, Martha MacCallum and Abby Hornacek were recently profiled by the Atlantic, the Indianapolis Star, and Vie Magazine, respectively.

Watters and his mother, Anne, discuss The Five’s “Mom Texts” segment with the Atlantic. Watters is, of course, a conservative Trump supporter and his mother, a progressive, is her son’s toughest critic and lets him know it via text:

“I always laugh,” Jesse said of how he reacts when the texts come in. Sometimes he sees them during commercial breaks, and usually his responses are acknowledgements of her messages: “I’ll [send a] thumbs-up or a ‘Hahaha’ or an emoji—laughing, crying, something like that.” The messages don’t have any effect on his political beliefs, though, he said. “She’s always telling me two things that are constant in these texts: One, stop screaming. And two, don’t be too much of a Trump supporter. I don’t really listen to either.”


“By pressing send, I actually find the action clarifying and clearing,” Anne, a child psychologist in Long Island, wrote to me in an email. “Next I pause, quietly hoping that he heeds just a moment of my perspective (and ire). And then, more times than not, I shake my head in disbelief and remark to my husband, ‘Can you believe that boy!!! Can you believe he said that! That’s typical. That’s my Jesse! Look at that grin and those sparkly eyes!’ Despite my degree of outrage, I have to laugh.”

Martha MacCallum’s son plays football at Notre Dame. She talks to the Indy Star about how her son’s athletic exploits represent “a wonderful escape for me.”

Just hours before that Saturday morning run in South Bend, MacCallum was covering the impeachment hearings Friday then breaking it all down on her prime time program The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News. She got on a plane Friday night and was in South Bend for a twilight dinner at the Embassy Suites hotel bar, a dinner with the person that explains why MacCallum’s in the land of Pete Buttigieg. This time it’s not Buttigieg or politics. It’s Notre Dame football.

MacCallum is the mother of junior linebacker Reed Gregory, a sophomore walk-on at Notre Dame, who was a standout player at Delbarton School in Morristown, N.J. MacCallum loves her son’s passion for the university and the football program. And she loves supporting him. If at all possible — she is Fox News’ lead political anchor — she is in South Bend for each home game.

“This is just such a wonderful escape for me,” MacCallum said Saturday before kickoff of the Navy game. There’s no way really to explain the pace of Washington politics or the pressure of covering it. “We’re in the middle of an impeachment, we’re heading into an election,” said MacCallum, “so work is very intense.”

“I love that side of my life. It’s an amazing privilege, really, to be able to witness all of these historic events and to cover them,” she said. “But to be able to get out here on a weekend on a beautiful day like this and be surrounded by people who love Notre Dame…it’s just such a joyful part of my life.”

Fox Nation’s Abby Hornacek, the network’s travel expert, speaks with Vie Magazine about America’s national parks.

Hornacek says, of Joshua Tree:

“You often hear about Joshua Tree in pop culture, but once you visit, you experience a whole new level of magic. It’s difficult to truly live in the moment, especially in chaos of today’s world, but this place has the ability to draw you to the present with the first inhale of the campfire-laden air. My favorite activity here is rock climbing. When you reach the top and are able to soak in miles of the national park and its two separate ecosystems, the serenity that washes over you is something that would leave poets speechless. The shapes of the Joshua trees scattered throughout the park are themselves interesting; when the sunset brushes through them, you know you’re somewhere special.”