In Profile: Fox News/FBN Edition

By A.J. Katz 

Maria Bartiromo talks to Resident magazine  about some of her favorite people to interview:

“[JP Morgan Chase chief] Jamie Dimon is a straight talker and will tell it the way it is. Toby Cosgrove, the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, is so smart in terms of healthcare and wellness, or Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, whom I’ve always been impressed with because they are incredible pioneers. Also, heads of state such as President Clinton or President Trump, who have their own intuitive nuances that make them incredible leaders. President Obama also had a certain sense of confidence when he spoke about what he wanted and where he was going with things. When you look at the wide group of people I’ve been able to interview, what stands out to me is incredible leadership yet also humility. Having the kind of statute, strength and power that some of these leaders possess but also remembering where you came from with a sense of humbleness is very impressive to me.”

Tucker Carlson talks to Salon about why he reads left-leaning magazines, talks to socialists, why he MIGHT vote for Elizabeth Warren if she sticks by economic populism ideas, and how he’s not your mainstream Republican.


SALON: So you went outside the Overton window in terms of mainstream Republican thought. What inspired you to do that? Do you foresee any possible backlash? You challenged the sacred cow of free market economics, and you’re on Fox News. Do you see where I’m going with this?

CARLSON: I do. I see my job as saying what I think it’s true. I’m not trying to dodge your question. I’m honestly being as direct as I can be. I see it as my job to say what’s true. I was hired to do that by Rupert Murdoch, who has given me unlimited — I’m sure there’s a limit to the freedom I have to say what I think, but no one at Fox has criticized me for what I said, or has tried to constrain anything I say ever.

Not one time has anybody ever told me what to say. I exist in this kind of ideal world where I can say, honestly, what I think is true. Sometimes I’m wrong, but it’s always here and in this case I said it because I really believe it, and because a new year was starting and I hope to sneak in an idea before we get caught up in Russia or whatever sideshow will come in any day now.

It’s designed to pull our attention away from the things that actually matter, like how you are living, and are your kids going to live more fruitful lives than you have or are they going to die at 40 of diabetes or poverty? Those are the actual points, and those the ones that are never debated by anybody. It actually and honestly drives me crazy. Not because I’m some deep intellectual, I’m certainly not, but because it’s just so obviously frivolous and stupid, and intentionally so.

Trish Regan speaks with IJR, and said her background as an opera singer was a complicated and collaborative endeavor that helped her in the ensemble-focused world of TV production. “There’s an art to communication…It’s team-oriented because you’re often singing in duets or trios; you’ve got a cast, you’ve got the orchestra; there’s a lot that goes into it.”