In Profile: Fox News Edition

By A.J. Katz 

Shannon Bream was featured in Women’s Health magazine to discuss her rare eye condition and how she managed to be her own advocate and find the right medical diagnosis: ” You must be your own fiercest advocate when it comes to your health. Walk away from medical professionals who dismiss your concerns, and don’t quit searching until you find someone who will truly partner with you to find the answers you deserve.”

Harris Faulkner spoke with the Virginia Pilot about her latest book and her role in the network’s live coverage of the Fourth of July from Norfolk: “I’m delighted that people are finding it to be interesting,” Faulkner told the Pilot about her book. “It’s a powerful book for everyone. I’ve come up with ways for people in all stages of life, and all ages, to get the most out of life. I want people to know what they can tap into to get through the tough times.”

Sandra Smith talks to New Orleans Living about her LSU days, and recalls some standout moments from her TV news career: “I’ll always remember covering the presidential election of 2016,” Smith says. “The highlight of my career was hosting two GOP presidential debates for FBN in Charleston and in Milwaukee. It was incredible to be a part of history, asking important questions so voters can make informed decisions on who the next president would be … I covered the financial crisis and stood outside every bank for 12 hours a day reporting. I chased Bernie Madoff in the freezing cold! I covered the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on location. Windsor is a magical place! I was right there when William and Harry stepped out of the castle to walk and say, ‘Hello,’ to the people waiting to get a glimpse. Covering the actual wedding was something I’ll always remember.”

FBN host Stuart Varney was profiled by the Cape Cod Chronicle. Varney, who owns a home in Chatham, told the Chronicle that he wakes up at 2:45 a.m. each weekday, is in the office by 4 a.m., then takes a prop plane out to the Cape on Friday afternoons: “You wrap it all up together, it’s a pleasant, functioning, dynamic small town,” Varney says of Chatham. “People are just fascinating and very friendly.”