In Profile: Fox News Edition

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream spoke with Washington Life about broadcasting from her home in Arlington, Va.: “It’s actually been amazing to me how quickly Fox pivoted. Very early on we started the process of transitioning a significant portion of our staff to working from home. It only took a day or two to get a remote studio up and running in one of our guest rooms. It’s a very, very scaled-down version of anything we’d do live in the studio—but we’re making it work! Our cameraman is the same person every night, and he gets everything dialed in and ready to go before I walk into the room and take my seat. I enjoy the Zoom meetings with my team because we can see each other and stay connected not only professionally but personally. I love seeing their faces and getting the real lowdown on how they’re managing. Everyone has risen to the occasion, and I’m impressed at how well it’s come together remotely.”

Harris Faulkner spoke with SurvivorNet in advance of hosting Fox News’ town hall, America Copes Together, which, she said, “will highlight the emotional toll the crisis is taking on all of us, whether we’re isolating at home or working the front lines.”

Faulkner added: “I’m open about my daily concerns. I have a lot of guilt because I am working from home while my children are digitally learning. I don’t always have time to help them as much as I should. So, I have feelings of guilt about that. I googled ‘guilt’—and then added  ‘help’—to see what came up. That’s not prescriptive, but I spent 20 minutes finding ways to feel better about it. That’s just one little glimpse into what we’re all dealing with and how to handle it.”


Bret Baier, a man who sports a 2.1 handicap, was profiled by Golf Digest last week. He says he and his boys, ages 12 and 9, have already been able to play a few rounds this season (lucky!). Virginia public courses have remained open, even though the rest of the state is not.

Golf Digest refers to Baier as “maybe the most avid golfer in television news and and probably its best player.”

Baier said he was thrilled about the PGA Tour announcing that it would attempt to restart its season in June, which would enable him to resume his habit of winding down after long work days by watching broadcasts of tournament play earlier in the day.

“I did watch the Masters rewind to 2019 this past weekend,” he said. “I thought they did a spectacular job with Jim Nantz bringing in Tiger [Woods] and what he was thinking. It is a good thing for me to chill out and watch golf.”