In Profile: Fox Business Network, CBS News

By A.J. Katz 

  • Gary Kaminsky, co-host of the revived Wall Street Week on Fox Business Network, is featured in Politico’s “The 60-Second Interview” series where he talks about the importance of financial TV:

“Content is king and there will always be a need for long-term investors to learn and continually educate themselves.”

“We have business shows that discuss the ticker. I like watching them and find them relevant. We want this show to be about how the world ticks. We also want to have some of the brightest minds in the industry give us their two cents in an in depth forum.”

“People always want to know what it’s like being a woman reporting in the Middle East,” Williams says. “And I think all of the women who are in my line of work would give you the same answer, because it’s true—it’s kind of great.”

“I’ve always believed that it’s almost gender-neutral, being a reporter in the Arab world,” Palmer explains. “To the men there, Western women kind of do not compute. We’re a third gender or, I suppose, almost genderless. We show up and are bold and forward and show our hair and all that. We’re aliens.”

  • Elsewhere on CBS, Dr. Jon LaPook is profiled in a 60 Minutes Overtime segment, which features a look at Dr. LaPook’s decade-long evolution from doctor to TV news reporter:

“I didn’t think he was natural on television at first. I think it took him some time,” says 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager. “But you know, he’s gotten really good. He’s a doctor by training, but he’s learned to be a reporter.”