In Profile: Earhardt, Chung, Zee, Hall

By A.J. Katz 

It was a busy week for Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt, who is profiled in Glamour and Elle. In both pieces, she talks about how she got to where she is, the support she has received from Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes on her maternity leave and the overall importance of paid leave.

Four months in, I told all of my bosses I was expecting, and they hugged me and jumped for joy. Then, I told Roger, who’s also a father, and he said, “This child will always be a part of the Fox Family. I want you to take your four months maternity leave. It’s very important for me to provide that to my employees. Bond with your baby.” For a boss to tell you that? Remarkable.


I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, and she talks about how women need to lean in and ask for what they want. And I’ve been vocal here at Fox by saying I’m so grateful for everything that you guys have given me and I’ll do anything you ask of me. I’ve told my bosses that. They know that. But I also am an advocate of women stepping forward and saying what their desires are. The bosses can’t read your mind, so I think women should tell them what they want out of their careers. And so I think that if you’re just a good person, you work hard, you say “yes,” and you are driven, you will eventually work your way to the top. At least that’s how it’s been for me.


Connie Chung is profiled in Closer Weekly where she talks about her successful marriage with Maury Povich, jokes “We don’t do anything together!”

I don’t believe in imposing my friends on my husband, and I don’t want him to impose his golf friends on me!…If the other person has a passion that you don’t, so what? Be agreeable with their passion no matter what it is.


Ginger Zee talks to Glamour about what it’s really like to compete in the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

People keep asking, “How are you going to juggle it all?” (Good Morning America, World News, Dancing with the Stars). And I keep answering: organization and an incredible support team. That’s really the most important part. Just like any parent who has multiple responsibilities—whether it’s appointments or sports for their kids—all families face challenges. Mine just happen to have a bit more sparkle. And spray tan. A lot of spray tan. I had one in New York before I left, [and then] they gave me another when I got to L.A., [and] then covered my body in tinted shimmer before the show started. I have to say it does make everyone look great on TV! Just don’t look at my clothes or sheets after a weekend of dancing.


NBC/MSNBC’s Tamron Hall is profiled in Monarch Magazine in a piece titled Tamron Hall: Drives Her Career Forward and Going Her Own Way. Hall discusses her career, her personal brand, and what inspires her each day:

I am always inspired by stories of resilience, like when people are able to persevere in the most difficult of circumstances. I’ve been a journalist for 25 years; and when I see a person standing in front of a home they just lost and are still saying how do we put back the pieces, that’s incredible for me. It leaves me inspired as a journalist, but mostly inspired as a human being.