In Profile: Doocy, Jackson

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, and NBC News senior Washington correspondent Hallie Jackson are the subjects of this week’s In-Profile.

The L.A. Times profiled Doocy earlier this week:

Commentators on Fox News pounded away at President Biden over the last year during the campaign, and it continues now. Does it make your job more difficult in dealing with the White House?


It really hasn’t had that much of an impact at all. As you’ve seen, the president will still take the questions. The press secretary will still call on Fox whenever we’re in the briefing room. The only time that we ever don’t get called on are the days that we just don’t physically have a seat in the briefing room because they have this social-distancing rotation. So two days out of the week we are not in there. But on those days the staff has been perfectly responsive over email or if we can get them in person.

Jackson did a Q&A with InStyle about becoming a new mom during the pandemic and the reporting she’s doing on “pandemic moms” for NBC News’ Covid One Year Later: Life After Lockdown series.

Tell me about your experience becoming a pandemic parent.

Monroe ended up being born almost a month early, which was crazy. We didn’t expect it to happen when it did, and we certainly didn’t expect the pandemic to be sort of hitting as intensely as it did when it did. I had been covering Covid for at least a couple of months before she was born in my role at the White House. The vice president at the time, Mike Pence, was in charge of the COVID Task Force still, and they had started doing the coronavirus briefings.

And then Monroe was born and it felt like we retreated, I retreated, into this new mom bubble and was able to sort of just really focus on the health and safety of her and my immediate family and our household. Because everybody was in their bubble so it wasn’t like we were missing anything. Everybody was kind of hunkering down, watching this terrifying pandemic rip through the country.