In Profile: Colby, Roberts, Mock

By Brian Flood Comment

JamieCoverFox Business Network’s Jamie Colby is featured on the cover of Resident magazine, where she discussed her career background how she broke into the business.

I didn’t start out with ‘Hey, I wanna be on TV.’ I studied to be a doctor then switched to accounting. Since I was too young to take my CPA exam I did a couple of years at law school. When I graduated I decided to work in the entertainment industry so I sent thousands of resumes to LA & NY. I was applying in some office when ‘Bombastic Bushkin’ (Henry Bushkin, lawyer to Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers) entered. ‘Hey kid what are you doing here,’ he asked. Since I didn’t know enough to be intimidated I said, ‘I’m looking for work… you got anything for me?’ He told me come back the next day… and I said ‘how’s 11?’ Looking back, Bushkin was probably just being polite. But to his surprise I was there the next day at 11; and next thing I know, I’m in.

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts was recently featured in our “5 Questions,” but he also found time to speak with Advocate about coming out to his mother, how she knew he was holding something in and what happened after.

That special moment, her way of figuring out what I wanted to say but couldn’t, her way of telling me, ‘This is OK, we can do this’ — that gave me the confidence I needed to carry on.

Jezebel‘s new video series “This Broad’s Life” features MSNBC’s Janet Mock in the debut episode. Watch her prepare for an episode of her shift program, “So Popular.”