In Profile: Bartiromo, Hannity, Mitchell

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News/FBN anchor Maria Bartiromo talks to Style Salute about how she stays productive despite abnormal work hours: “No one can be highly productive 24/7 and sleep is important. Giving your brain a rest is crucial, and sometimes all you need is that 20-minute power nap to come back refreshed and ready to get more done. Since I need to wake up by 3:30 a.m. and often have events at night after work, naps or breaks are important. I always feel refreshed and new again after a nap.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity talks to Forbes contributor (and former TVNewser co-editor) Mark Joyella:

Hannity doesn’t watch his competitors, but he knows they watch him — and often talk about him on their shows. “I know people that don’t like me watch the show,” he says, including people watching in the hopes of finding new ways to accuse Hannity — and Fox — of being an extension of the Trump White House. “We know they exist. That’s kind of a chilling environment when you know groups hire people to monitor shows for the purpose of finding one word, one phrase, one sentence that they can take out of context, attack your advertisers, silence your voice.”

NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent / MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell–who celebrated her 40th anniversary at the network earlier this week–recently sat down with Washington Post magazine for a Q&A. She talks about a 1993 photo opp with Bill Clinton and Hafez al-Assad in Damascus during which she was carried out of the room:

Carried by his security officers. It was a photo opportunity with Bill Clinton, 1993, I think, in Damascus at the presidential palace. I was asking a question about his support for terrorists. The frustrating thing was they started carrying me out under the arms. Two big guys came up and picked me up and carried me out. My feet were dangling. I didn’t want to louse up the photo opportunity because it was the only chance to get the picture we all wanted, Clinton and Assad. So I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want my protests to interfere with the moment for the pool…And I’m watching Bill Clinton, who looked, I have to say, amused. Because he’d had enough, I’m sure, of all of our questions at photo opportunities.