In ‘Bonkers’ Interview, Former Trump Aide Tells Katy Tur: ‘I Think It Would Be Funny If [Mueller] Arrested Me’

By Chris Ariens 

Shortly after talking to the Washington Post about refusing to submit to a subpoena from the Special Counsel’s office, former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg called in to MSNBC to explain why he won’t comply.

“I’m not going to cooperate when they want me to come into a grand jury for them to insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange,” Nunberg told MSNBC host Katy Tur. “Roger is my mentor. Roger is like family,” Nunberg said, adding, “I’m not a fan of [Donald Trump’s]. He screwed us over during the campaign.”

The most shocking bit came when Tur asked whether Mueller’s office “have something” on Trump. “I think they may. I think that he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that, for sure” said Nunberg.


The interview was happening as Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking questions from reporters in the White House Daily Briefing. Tur’s NBC colleague Kristen Welker asked Sanders about Nunberg’s comment: “He hasn’t worked at the White House, so I certainly can’t speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has,” Sanders said.

The interview also made news on other networks, including on Fox Business Network where Charlie Gasparino said he’d been speaking with Nunberg before the news broke.

“He told me this stuff that he wanted to go public with it,” Gasparino explained on Liz Claman‘s show. “I asked him three times, whether he was sure and is he of sound mind to do this. He told me he was drinking,” Gasparino added. “I just watched him on MSNBC and CNN and the man needs help.”