Imus Slur: Jackson Questions MSNBC’s Diversity; “All Day, All Night, All White”

By Brian 

Jesse Jackson questioned the diversity of MSNBC on Hardball last night. Here’s the dialogue with guest host David Gregory:

 JACKSON: There’s not one black or latino host of a show on MSNBC. So there’s no sense of balance, no sense of diversity in the programming options, so we could not go just for the two-week cooling off period, we must now really look at MSNBC’s hosts, writers and producers and the breadth of its news coverage.

GREGORY: You say there isn’t any diversity to MSNBC. I don’t know if that’s quite a fair charge–

JACKSON: Is there a show on MSNBC hosted by a black?

GREGORY: Alison Stewart is one of our hosts during the day, yes.

JACKSON: Uh, name one — there’s Scarborough, there’s you, there’s Chris, there’s not a single show, on either network I might add, MSNBC, CNN, all day, all night, all white.