Imus Slur: Dan Abrams Calls Fox “Instigators” Who Don’t Have “Clean Hands”

By Brian 

Awkward: Dan Abrams, the general manager of MSNBC, filled in for Joe Scarborough on Scarborough Country last night. He started the show with a comment about Fox:

  “People have every right to be angry, insulted and hurt by Imus’s comments. And Imus himself has said they have every right to call for his resignation. Those opinions are heartfelt, and I can tell you they have been heard loud and clear by MSNBC and NBC News.

The one set of instigators who should be ignored are our friends over at Fox News, who have made this part of an ongoing political campaign against MSNBC over everything and anything they can find. Now, I understand why they’re doing it. It’s a good strategy to attack a network that’s suddenly offering up a challenge to them on a number of fronts. But one would hope another network would attack with clean hands. We all know that’s not the case over at Fox, not even on this sort of issue.”

The rhetoric intensified during the B block. Abrams called it “Fox’s obsession.” Here are the first five minutes: