Imus Slur: Afternoon Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Imus used to have a spoof about ‘Rev. Dr. Billy Saul Hargus’s Discount House of Worship.’ This morning on Today, “Imus said ‘Rev. Hargus,’ then quickly corrected it to ‘Rev. Sharpton,'” a pastor says. It’s at 11:32 on this video…

> A tipster says: “Isn’t it about time someone exposed the dirty little secret between MSNBC, Imus and both NBC and Newsweek correspondents… the contractual relationship? They do not appear at 6:30am in the morning every third week for their health!…”

> An e-mailer thinks “the only wise words to Imus from a ‘friend’ have come from CBS’ Jeff Greenfield, who was among his first serious guests to appear regularly about fifteen years ago. Greenfield gave him serious advice today on his program. He advised him to make smarter decisions if he really wants to have a credible program going forward…”

> Bob Edwards on XM today: “Live by the shock — die by the shock. That’s the fate of the shock jock…”