Imus Fired: A Man Who “Reduced Women Staffers At MSNBC To Tears”

By Brian 

Don Imus called MSNBC’s coverage “hypocritical” and “unethical” yesterday. Keith Olbermann found that interesting, as he pointed out on Countdown yesterday:

“This from a man who believed he and his on-air staff were entitled to make sexual, racial, ethnic, or homophobic jokes about anybody and everybody…

A man who reduced women staffers at MSNBC to tears, and conned one into coming on the air and saying embarrassing things about her co-workers, which led to her dismissal by the company.

A man whose ethics were so high, that, in the NBC case at least, the traditionally distant nature of corporate America had to listen to the better angels of its nature, when virtually all the employees of a network and an entire news division said ‘we have understood that you haven’t fired him the last 10,000 times, but you have to do it now.'”