Imagine Jack Cafferty In Primetime!

By Brian 

“CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel are watched by a tiny amount of the population,” but they have “an inordinate influence on the country” because “they are broadcast 24/7 in every other news organization in the country.”

For this reason, they drive the national conversation, “and ultimately, they decide what is important,” Cenk Uygur writes on the Huffington Post.

“No matter how important any issue is or how right the opposition might be, if the cable news guys don’t cover it, it gets buried. A couple of papers might run a story about it, a magazine might do a piece, and then it’s done. Because there is no ‘national conversation’ about it.”

This hurts Democrats, Uygur argues. “Every issue the Democrats have dies an unceremonious death on cable news. So, all these scandals don’t matter worth a lick if you can’t get Americans to realize they’re happening.”

But Jack Cafferty can change this. “He is a rare truth teller on cable news. He gets a couple of minutes a day on CNN to do ‘The Cafferty File.’ And every time it is a breath of fresh air — a man speaking truth to power. If CNN would just give Cafferty his own show in primetime, where he can frame the conversation, he can choose the topics and he can ask the right questions, we can turn this whole thing around.”

He says we should e-mail Jon Klein to support an hour-long Cafferty File. “All I know is he speaks the truth, loudly and clearly. And the country desperately needs that at this time.”