‘I thought it was going to be much more awkward’

By kevin 

George Stephanopoulos sits down with Matea Gold of the LA Times to discuss his experience thus far on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Stephanopoulos admits that some of the lighter fare makes him uncomfortable, but here’s what he thought might be awkward:

The whole dynamic, you know. Four [anchors] instead of one. The range of subjects. The amount of chat. I’m much more used to doing my own analysis or driving the hour-long show myself. All television is a team effort, but this on the air is far more than I had been used to.

In the Q&A, Stephanopoulos admits he should have followed up on Rudy Giuliani’s comment last month and says his persistence led to his interview with President Obama, not his friendship with Obama’s Chief of Staff. He also gave this response to a question about who will succeed him at his former show, “This Week”:

Oh, if I did, I couldn’t tell you. I think so far both Terry [Moran] and Jake [Tapper] have done great work. One of the unfortunate things is that we’re in this situation now where there’s not a final answer, but it will come soon enough.

This morning, Stephanopoulos say down with South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford for her first live interview since her new book was published. Video after the jump.