“I Know That He is Immensely Proud of His News Division”

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News & Sports president Sean McManus sent a note to the staff thanking them for their work this weekend on the coverage of the death of Walter Cronkite, whom McManus called, “the most important and beloved man ever to work at CBS News.”

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From: McManus, Sean
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:14 PM
To: @CND News
Cc: Moonves, Leslie
Subject: Thank you all from Sean McManus

This has been a sad couple of days at CBS News, but also a weekend where we paid extraordinary tributes to the most important and beloved man ever to work at CBS News. From the moment we were first on the air to report the news of Walter’s passing with a moving remembrance, to a masterful Evening News for the West Coast, a memorable Saturday Early Show, terrific Saturday and Sunday Evening Newscasts, a wonderful Sunday Morning, a fascinating Face the Nation and lastly to the Prime Time Special that was as moving a tribute as has ever been produced, the men and women of CBS News truly outdid themselves. We have produced almost seven hours of programming in less than 48 hours, and even more outstanding coverage on radio and the web, and yet each and every broadcast has been unique and has added new information and fascinating detail to the life of this amazing man. I know deep down that Walter has been watching all of these broadcasts and has smiled, laughed and probably cried many times…but most of all, I know that he is immensely proud of his news division…CBS News.