“I Don’t Know If You Are Still With Me…But We Are Being Charged By The Police”

By Brian 

CNN correspondent Matthew Chance was live around the world as police confronted protesters outside the G8 Summit this afternoon. He was standing in the middle of a field near the Gleneagles Hotel, “amid a police line of riot police and a number of protesters.” He reported on Your World Today:

“They are trying to push back the crowds here in the fields outside of Auchterarder,” he said, as police dogs barked and the crowd scrambled. “They are using their batons, and you can see that people are putting their hands up and saying, you know — the police are determined, it seems, to push back these crowds. They’ve got dogs.” The crew is jogging backwards now.

“And so there are — I don’t know if you are still with me, here, but we are being charged by the police lines.” The camera is shaking as the crew tries to get out of the way. “Press. Press. Press,” Chance exclaimed as an officer decked out in riot gear pushed him back.

“I don’t know whether you have this picture,” Chance said, apparently wondering if he was still on the air. “Scotty, stay with us,” he said to a crew memberg. “But basically, we are bringing you now live pictures of the police charge on the outskirts of the Gleneagles Hotel where the G8 summit is taking place…”

CNN and HLN replayed the video several times during the day. Check out the video on CNN.com…

> Update: 10:03pm: “I couldn’t help but notice that the press nearly equaled the protestors in number” in the field, an e-mailer adds…