Hurricane Rita: Summary

By Brian 

Rita: Three Hours On A Concrete Floor

Rita: “Arresting Pictures” In Beaumont

Rita: Rescuers Hitch A Ride With Shep

Katrina/Rita: Hemmer Says New Orleans Is “Down On Its Knees Again”

Rita: ABC News Special Report Tonight

Rita: “Tremendous, Tremendous Storm”

Rita: Power Bars & BlackBerries

Rita: Golf on NBC, Hurricane on ABC

Rita: What Was Cosby Talking About?

Rita: Miles O’Brien Rescues Dog

Rita: Things That Go Thump In The Night, & Chasing The American Flag

Rita: Shep Falls Down

Rita: Anderson Cooper Is Fearful

Rita: Is Jon Klein “Hyping This Hurricane For Ratings?”

Katrina/Rita: New Orleans Is “One Of The Saddest Places On Earth”

Rita: Overnight, Saturday Coverage Plans

Rita: Friday Evening Coverage Notes

Rita: Maybe Wolf Needs Some Oxygen

Rita: “CATEGORY 4=viewership”

Rita: Lavendara Gives ‘Em Gas

Rita: Dog Hit By Car During Live Report on WX Channel

Rita: Six Hours Of GMA Tomorrow Airing MSNBC Simulcast

Rita: “For The Second Time In 3 Weeks, The Crescent City Is Back Underwater”

Rita: No Gatorade For Anderson

Rita: ABC Staffers Equipped With Hazardous Material Suits & Respiratory Masks

Rita: Stevie Wonder To Perform On CNN

Rita: “‘Boy Who Cries Wolf’ Syndrome”

Rita: Rick Leventhal’s Hurricane Schedule

Rita: Television Stars Fly South