Poised to Make Landfall Late Friday, Hurricane Harvey Could Be Strongest Hurricane to Hit U.S. Mainland in 12 Years

By A.J. Katz 

As of 5:30 p.m. CT, Hurricane Harvey is poised to become the nation’s first Category 3 landfall in nearly 12 years, striking coastal Texas (Corpus Christi, Galveston) late Friday / early Saturday morning with what’s said to be an extremely dangerous combo of torrential rainfall, flooding and destructive winds, before taking a slow, meandering path next week.

The Weather Channel, as you would expect, is providing wall-to-wall coverage of the storm.

Live Coverage: Tracking Hurricane Harvey, premieres Friday at 5 a.m. ET, and coverage will continue until further notice.


As of Thursday evening, TWC already has 10 crews spread across Texas and Louisiana.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Jim Cantore live from Corpus Christi area
  • Jen Carfagno live from Houston
  • Mike Seidel live from the Port Lavaca / Victoria area
  • Maria LaRosa live from San Antonio.
  • Paul Goodloe live from Corpus Christi.
  • Mike Bettes live in Victoria area
  • Chris Bruin San Antonio, TX.
  • Alex Wilson in Austin, TX.
  • Reynolds Wolf live from Victoria, TX
  • Ron Blome is in New Orleans.

Weather Channel hurricane specialist Dr. Rick Knabb also provided viewers with the following message earlier today:

We hope all TVNewser readers living in Texas and Louisiana heed this advice, and be safe!

Additionally, here are ABC News’s coverage plans for Harvey:

  • Meteorologist Ginger Zee tracking the storm and impact from New York.
  • Meteorologist Rob Marciano from Houston. Correspondent Lana Zak for NewsOne also there.
  • Senior National Correspondent Matt Gutman from Corpus Christi. Correspondent Jim Ryan for Radio also there.
  • Correspondent Eva Pilgrim from San Antonio.
  • ABC News will work closely with local stations, especially KTRK-TV (Houston).

Here are CBS News’s coverage plans for Harvey:

  • David Begnaud in Corpus Christi
  • DeMarco Morgan reporting from Galveston
  • Manuel Bojorquez reports from Port Lavaca, and Port O’Connor, Texas.
  • Begnaud kicked off the coverage today on CBS This Morning in Corpus Christi where he spoke to the city’s mayor about his decision not to issue a mandatory evacuation order.
  • WBBM-TV meteorologist Megan Glaros tracked Harvey’s path from Studio 57 and will continue her coverage on CBS This Morning: Saturday
  • WCBS-TV chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn will join CBS This Morning on Monday.
  • Tonight’s CBS Evening News will provide the latest on Harvey with reports from in the field and the latest projections of the storm.
  • CBSN will have continuous coverage with live updates from CBS News correspondents and CBS News affiliates throughout the day and overnight.

NBC News’s coverage plans:

  • On Thursday, Al Roker shared the latest on the storm Wednesday night on Nightly News with Lester Holt and with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie yesterday morning on TODAY.
  • Last night on Nightly News, Jacob Rascon reported from Corpus Christi, and Dylan Dreyer joined Lester in studio with Harvey’s developments.
  • This morning on Today, Gabe Gutierrez was live from Corpus Christi and Joe Fryer was live from Galveston. Dylan Dreyer had the latest on the hurricane’s movements.
  • NBC News and MSNBC have several correspondents on the ground covering Hurricane Harvey:
    • Gabe Gutierrez, Maya Rodriguez and Catie Beck are reporting from the ground in Corpus Christi. Dr. John Torres is also there with medical units and EMS teams.
    • Kerry Sanders is in Port Lavaca.
    • Joe Fryer reports from Galveston.
    • Jacob Rascon and Stephanie Gosk are live from Houston.
  • Complete coverage will air this weekend on Today and Nightly News as well as the latest on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.
  • MSNBC has also been – and will continue to be – around the clock as meteorologist Bill Karins reports on the hurricane’s latest path.
  • MSNBC will be in live coverage through 11 p.m. ET tomorrow evening.
  • NBCNews.com features a livestreaming radar map of Hurricane Harvey and is publishing live reports from the ground. Stay Tuned, NBC News’ Snapchat show, plans to update throughout the day tomorrow with the latest.