Hurricane Dennis: Notes #6

By Brian 

> “Now take a look the images coming from the BLOOM MOBILE compared to CNN’s videophone!,” an NBCer exclaimed this morning. “Martin is using it this morning to report while driving through the destruction in Florida” (as shown at right).

> Matt Drudge “played Cooper’s play-by-play on a sign blowing down and Cooper exclaiming, ‘the trees are moving!'” on his radio show last night, an e-mail says. “That’s Emmy material. I’m submitting that for a Peabody,” Drudge joked…

> MSNBC simulcasted the NBC Weather Plus channel beginning at 2 a.m. and continuing through at least 4 a.m., an e-mailer says.

> Richard Roeper: “Admit it: Even as you were expressing sympathy for all those people fleeing hurricane Dennis, you were cracking up at the spectacle of reporters for CNN, Fox News Channel, et al., as they struggled to keep their footing while being pelted by the heavy rains and winds. It’s just so…stupid.”