Hurricane Dennis: CNN Shows Ratings Strength In The 25-54 Demographic

By Brian 

> Update: 12:38pm: In the 25-54 demographic, FNC still beat CNN in the total day, with 412,000, compared to CNN’s 399,000 (and MSNBC’s 201,000).

Fox News beat CNN on Sunday, but the network is pleased by its strong showing in the 25-54 demographic:

> An internal CNN message says: “CNN captured the two most-watched cable news hours of the day among P25-54. CNN Sunday at 4p delivered 834k to rank #1 for the day and American Morning’s 1p hour delivered 721k to rank #2. Special Hurricane Coverage (anchored by Wolf Blitzer and Kyra Phillips) beat FNC among P2-54 at 4p (834k), 7p (559k), 8p (460k), 10p (418k) and 11p (355k). Special American Morning coverage (anchored by Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien) beat FNC in the 6a hour (223k), the 1p hour (721k) and the 3p hour (699k). CNN’s special live Hurricane Dennis coverage at 11p delivered 355k, more than doubled FNC (176k) and also out-delivered The Weather Channel (298k).”

> In primetime in the 25-54 demographic, CNN’s 407,000 viewers beat FNC’s 330,000 and MSNBC’s 153,000.

> The Weather Channel was a big winner on Sunday: Does anyone have their numbers?

> CNN dragged Larry King in for a Sunday night broadcast and he lost to Claudia Cowan: She averaged 1,360,000 to his 1,158,000.